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Centipede Common
Centipede Grass is a fine to medium textured grass with varying root depths and a yellowish-green color commonly found in the southeastern U.S., southern coastal U.S., and Hawaii. In general, centipede grass is a low-maintenance grass that tends to grow best in acidic soils of the regions it is commonly found. it is a favorite of busy lawn growers with a much longer period of days being added to the mowing cycle. Low fertilization (with low phosphorus) requirements can be met by a yearly application. Centipede is rather drought tolerant and when healthy is aggressive enough to choke out weeds and other grasses.  In the south this grass will remain green throughout the year.
Palmetto St. Augustine
Palmetto is a native St. Augustine cultivar selected for better color and finer texture. Palmetto St. Augustine demonstrates superior shade, cold, frost, heat, and drought tolerance. This versatile turfgrass is used across the southern United States from the Carolinas to California under a wide range of climate and soil conditions making it the ideal choice for residential and commercial use. Palmetto is rapidly becoming accepted as a landscaping standard as it has been used in thousands of lawns since 1994. Please note that like all turfgrass, Palmetto St. Augustine is a living plant, not a miracle grass.
Empire Zoysia
EMPIRE Zoysia elevates the standards and expectations of homeowners for their lawns. EMPIRE Zoysia combines soft-to-the-touch feel with lush green color and fine, tight blade growth. Visually, EMPIRE is a very attractive turfgrass for residential landscapes. Homeowners also appreciate its maintenance advantages. This turfgrass accommodates a variety of activities without suffering extensive wear and tear.
You might not expect turfgrass this soft to be this strong. EMPIRE is as hardy as it is attractive, and has a deep, thick root structure.
Tifway 419 Bermuda
Tifway 419 Bermuda is a very dense and fine textured hybrid bermuda grass. It is low growing and spreads rapidly. Its density, fine texture and soft blades provide a soft cushion in which to walk and play. Although not required, for those willing to devote extra time in maintenance, Tifway 419 will provide an extremely high quality turfgrass. Recommended for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, parks and athletic fields.
Tifway 419 is grown from high quality stolons which are propagated in a controlled cultural environment. This results in a healthy sod which is virtually free of weeds, harmful turf insects, and disease.
Zeon Zoysia
Zeon is a deep green and very lush variety of zoysiagrass.  It is a fine textured zoysiagrass and is compatible with a wide range of soil conditions.  It can handle full sun or light to medium shade.  It has good drought tolerance and very few insect or disease problems. A well-maintained lawn will provide the best resistance against weeds, disease and insects.  Zeon possess a very dense root system that helps prevent weed problems.